Meet Our Dolls

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


 A few days ago Evelynn and Grace went out to play in the snow. First they went sledding.

Evelynn was just about to slide down the hill when Grace jumped on the sled and they went sliding down the hill together.


               Evelynn began to explore.

                But, Grace on the other hand wasn't                   ready to stop sledding yet!


 After a while they were both bored and decided they would build a snowman and they did...

                                                ~Hobbit & Dolly


Friday, January 22, 2016

Thrift Store Find: Josefina's Baby Goat Sombrita

While we were at Savers (a thrift store) we found American Girl Josefina's baby goat Sombrita for a great price. She's in pretty good condition except that her bell doesn't ring and she is also pretty old. 

Here is a picture of Sombrita with Evelynn to show you how small she is. She is also rather heavy for her size. Isn't she cute?

~Hobbit & Dolly

Monday, January 18, 2016

"Meet Our Dolls" page is up!

The "Meet Our Dolls" page is up. To see it click the tab above.

~Hobbit & Dolly

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Welcome to our new doll blog!

Welcome! This is our very first blog post. We are two sisters who love dolls! Our blog nicknames are Hobbit and Dolly. Our first American Girl dolls were Molly and Kit when we were 6 years old. Over the years we have aquired several more dolls. Hobbit has: Molly, Bella, Felicity, Samantha, Rose, Libby, Ruthie, Evelyn, and Mini Nellie. Dolly has: Kit, Mia, Elizabeth, Mary, Abigail, Caroline, Charlotte, and Grace. Our mother has: Kirsten, Maryellen, and Emily.

We will be posting our doll pictures and profiles soon.

~Hobbit & Dolly