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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

More Pictures Of Melody!

Melody Ellison in her meet dress with her first book "No Ordinary Sound".

Melody in her floral-print peplum dress.
Does she not look pretty?

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Here is Melody with her mini doll, book, and what we think are her accessories (the hat, purse, and sunglasses).

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Melody with her table and chairs, a bingo set, and some food. She is wearing a shirt with colorful stripes (with points on the bottom that have pink tassels), blue shorts, and white shoes. Behind her you can see her keyboard piano and microphone.  

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Here is Melody on her bed in her pajamas with her little dog Bojangles.

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Melody at the microphone/singing side of her recording studio. She is holding a tamborine. There is a music stand, headphones, and of course a microphone.

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Here is the other side of her recording studio where they do the editing and control the music. This is most likely her most expensive item.:)


On a side note American Girl will also introduce some time soon... 

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"Wellie" might refer to Wellington boots (popular boots in Britian). The British call their rain boots "wellies". Notice how all the dolls are wearing rain boots?

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They are about 16" tall and might make cute little sisters for American Girl Dolls.

~Hobbit & Dolly

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Happy St. Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday to Ruthie!!!

(Oops! This post is a bit late.)

On St. Valentine's Day (AKA Ruthie's birthday) a few of the dolls decided to throw a party for Ruthie!

First, they chowed down on some pizza with all the toppings!

Then, of course, they had to have some cake! Mmmmmmmmm!

After the cake it was present time. First, Ruthie opened her gift from Kit.

It was a book called "Slumber Wonders"!

Next, Ruthie opened her present from Caroline. She couldn't wait to see what was inside!

Ooooooooooooh! It was a pair of pretty fashion boots!

Last, but not least, was Ruthie's gift from Elizabeth!

It was a cute little baby doll!

What a great party! Thanks for reading!

~Hobbit & Dolly

Friday, February 12, 2016

Rainy Day? A-OK!

Kit, Samantha, and Half & Half looked out the window "Too bad it's raining. Now we can't go outside and play." Samantha said with a sigh. 
"Yeah." Kit replied.

Kit walked away from the window and stood on her head to think. "Hmm? What can we do now?" Samantha groaned looking out the window.

"I'm sooo bored!!!" shouted Samantha. Half & Half howled in agreement. Then Kit tumbled over.

"Wait,I have a great idea!" Kit cried, and then whispered something to Samantha and Half & Half.

They were off in a flash...

And back in a jiffy!

They were wearing pretty pink costumes. Yes, they decided to play dress up! Even Half & Half joined in the fun!

Then for some tea! YUM!

Nothing could be more fun then a fancy tea party!

They even let Half & Half have some of their scrumptious tea!

Who knew a rainy day could be so fun!?!?

~Hobbit & Dolly


Monday, February 8, 2016

Mini Nellie Bakes Cupcakes!!!

One day Mini Nellie wanted to bake cupcakes. First, she had to get on top of the table. (She suggests if you are mini like her you get a dog to help.)

Once she got on the table, she went right to work!

Then she had to stir...and stir...and stir some more!

Next, Mini Nellie put the cupcake papers in the pan and poured the cupcake batter in.

Time to put them in the oven! Coconut is glad to help out.

The oven door is really heavy for Mini Nellie, but, she manages.

Now, it's time to get them out of the oven! Don't forget your oven mit!

Mmmmmmmm! They smell soooo good! Oh, but be careful, they're very hot!

"Thank you, Coconut. Good dog!"

Once the cupcakes are done cooling, it's time to frost them!

Now for the sprinkles. YUM!!!!

Now for Mini Nellie's favorite part... EATING THE CUPCAKES!!!!!!!

I guess Mini Nellie ate too much!

~Hobbit & Dolly