Meet Our Dolls

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Happy (belated) Birthday Charlotte and Bella!

(Oops this post is so late :P)

Charlotte and Bella's birthdays were the 12th and the 20th of march, since their birthdays are close they decided it would be easier if they shared a party. 

 Grace swiped some frosting. (naughty Grace)

Coconut the big ham! Had to get in the picture.

 "It's cake time!" Bella yelled.


Because Bella likes Frozen so much they got her a giant Olaf plushie!!!

Charlotte has been wanting roller skates for a while and now she finally has them!:)

Bella just had to have a photo with Olaf by the daffodils.

Mia and Bella chatted about Frozen, while Charlotte tried out her new roller skates she hasn't quiet gotton the hang of it yet.

~Hobbit & Dolly